This page allows you to search through the peptaibol sequences stored in the database. Regular users may wish to use the quicksearch boxes here on the right, whilst full instructions for the searching tools can be found below.

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Search for peptaibol by name :

Type in the name (or partial name) of the peptaibol(s) you're interested in.

To search for any Zervamicin peptaibol, enter "zerv".

Search for peptaibol by group :

Use the pull down menu to select a group name. All of the group names currently registered in the database are listed here.

Search for residue motif

Enter the motif sequence you wish to search for, using one letter codes. Place hyphens between the letters and do not use spaces. The query form is not case sensitive. Please note that no wildcard symbol is available yet. You can include terminator symbols such as ac and oh

Example 1:
To search for Ala-Aib-Pro; enter A-U-P or a-u-p
Example 2:
To search for Ac-Aib; enterAc-U or ac-u

The following codes should be used for the unusual peptides :

  • U - Aminoisobutyric Acid (Aib)
  • J - Isovaline (Iva)
  • O - Hydroxyproline (Hyp)
  • Z - Ethylnorvaline (EtNor)

Note : Some records contain entries where residues were not fully identified. In these cases, the sequences contain residues marked with an x to signify this fact. The three letter codes correspondingly use 'xx'.
This currently only occurs with two types of residue :

Where leucine could not be distinguished from isoleucine, records are marked Lx or Lxx.
Where valine could not be distinguished from isovaline, records are marked Vx or Vxx.

Examples :
To search for Lxx-Aib; enter lx-u
To find all occurences of Vxx; enter vx

Reminder of common amino acid codes.

Search for peptaibol by source mould :

Enter the name (or part of the name) of the source mould to search for.


Searching for "ampull" will return all sequences from the source mould Sepedonium ampullosporum.
Searching for "trichoderma" will return all sequences from all Trichoderma source moulds.

Peptaibol Information

Useful reference: Wallace, B. A. (2000). Common structural features in Gramicidin and other ion channels. Bioessays. 22(3), 227-234.

Chugh, J. K. and Wallace, B. A. (2001). Peptaibols: Models for Ion Channels. Biochem. Soc. Trans. 29(4), 565-570.

An overview of the whole database is available :